Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! The first thing you need to know is that I am all about YOU and your baby. My birth philosophy is to help YOU have the best possible birth as YOU define it. As you embrace your pregnancy and eagerly await the arrival of your baby you are going to feel many emotions and have many visions about what will happen during your birth. I want your birth story to be peaceful, happy and a memory that you will love to share for years to come. I will help take away the fear of childbirth and work with you to channel your thoughts, energy and strength into a peaceful beginning for your baby. I am here to be your voice for advocating to your partner, family, nursing staff, hospital and anyone else about your opinions and preferences for your birth. I am here to educate you and your partner. Throughout your birth process I will take on Your vision and Your goals for your birth as my own and help you live them out. I will provide you with continuous support from the earliest signs of labor until your beautiful baby is wrapped safely in your arms. I will stay by your side until the baby is born, helping you in all the ways that you define you need support. In all the ways you need support that you are unaware of now, I will just be there understanding and comforting you all the way through the birth. Women helping women give birth is an ancient practice that still continues today and I would love to be your Doula.