When my parents told me to follow my dreams, I did so quite literally. Since childhood I have had a keen interest in all things maternal, frequently dreaming of pregnancy and birth. Many years ago, I made a list of all of the experiences I would like to have in this lifetime. Glaring back at me was, "Be with a woman while she labors and gives birth." I shocked myself with that one! I realized that dream a few years later while facilitating the birth experience of a dear friend ecstatic moment of their son calling to become a Doula. I was a Doula for 9 years before becoming a mom myself and my own birth completed the circle for me of divine birthing. I have two boys and each birth was very different. I would love to share my birth stories with you. I love Charlotte, chai lattes, flip flops, long hair, playing and coaching soccer, long runs when it is not too hot or too cold, camping and bonfires, poetry, dancing, smiling, playing with my dogs, positive energy, sushi, recycling, waterfalls, writing in my journal, hot yoga, talking, massaging, throwing pottery, giving every piece of my time and energy that I have to spare away, serving God and loving people.


First Birth as a Doula 2005

Certified Birth Doula, Dona International 2008

Additional Method Birth Doula Training, Doula Trainings International 2018

Certified Medical Representative, CMR Institute 2008

Lactation Support Trained

Bradley Trained

Queens University BS Marketing & Business Administration 2001

Queens University MBA-Marketing 2006

Advanced Courses: A Nurse's Guide to Managing Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Gestational Diabetes: Overview and Management Strategies, Lactation Review: Breastfeeding Basics, Managing Cardiac Conditions During Labor and Delivery, Placental Anomalies, Shoulder Dystocia: An Obstetrical Emergency, The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative: What It Means For You and Your Facility, The Postpartum Period and the Healthy Newborn

Experience: I have attended over 100 births in the Charlotte area (stopped counting after that). I have experience with clients that have had TWINS, VBACS, gestational diabetes, preclampsia, bicornuate uterus', STDs, miscarriages, advanced maternal age, fertility issues, placenta previa, PCOS, fibromyalgia, knee and foot injuries, fused spine, scoliosis, hyperemesis, obesity, incontinence, anxiety, depression, seizures, cervical scar tissue, placental abruption, and very normal totally healthy moms! I was a medical device and pharmaceutical rep for 10 therapeutic areas over 13 years and work in the OR and consulting with epilepsy and seizure disorders currently.

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