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Hello Charlotte, NC! Congratulations! Looking for a birth doula in Charlotte and/or a placenta encapsulation specialist? This website is best viewed on a desktop! 

Hospital Birth? Epidural? Hypnobirthing? Unmedicated? Medicated? Natural Induction? Medicalized Induction? Newborn care? Breast/Chest feeding? Bottle feeding? Placenta pills? If you got here by typing in doula near me or doula in charlotte nc then welcome! 
SO MANY QUESTIONS. I KNOW. LET ME HELP! First....I would also love to invite you to join my online childbirth education course and community through Birth Story Academy! BSA is included for all doula clients, BUT you can join BSA no matter where you live in the world! 

Second!!! I am a Pregnancy Concierge for hospital births and not just a birth doula in Charlotte NC who shows up when you are in labor. I have developed childbirth education and doula services that have produced a less than 7% cesarean rate over 18 years. If you are looking for a birth doula to meet with you, do a quick birth plan, and show up at your birth-THAT IS NOT ME. If you are looking for a doula to escort you and your partner (if applicable) on your pregnancy journey with a proven system that works to help you plan and prepare for the birth that you want-no matter what that looks like, then we should chat. My program reduces your risk of feeling like you had a traumatizing birth and results in a less than 7% cesarean which is an 80% relative risk reduction in your risk of having a cesarean section in Charlotte NC.

In fact, many parents find their way to me on Baby #2+ because they either didn't have a doula with #1 and had a traumatizing and enduring experience, or they had a doula who let them down and they felt like they wasted their money. 

When I became pregnant, I had been one of those show up at your birth type of doulas for 10 years. But, when it was my turn, I needed more. So, I developed doula services to better serve you. And now, I share that system with birthing persons all over the world in Birth Story Academy, Birth Story Podcast and the Birth Story Pregnancy Guidebook.

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As you embrace your pregnancy and eagerly await the arrival of your baby you are going to feel many emotions and have many visions about what will happen during your birth. "Is this normal?" "I am feeling a lot of anxiety about everything" "I am feeling stuck and I don't even know what to prepare for," "What should I do to prepare for breast/chest/bottle feeding?" "What does a contraction feel like?" "What does the day of labor look like?" I want this unique and special pregnancy and your birth story to be peaceful, happy and a memory that you will love to share for years to come.

So let's get started! I work in partnership with Collin Parsons of Doula Differently  who is also a postpartum doula and an infant feeding specialist and we will be by your side every step of the way.


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Birth Story Academy: $198


BIRTH STORY ACADEMY  ENROLL TODAY. Or, become a doula client and get access to this online childbirth education for free. 

Birth Doula & Pregnancy Concierge Services $3200

(ALL products are included for birth doula clients) OK, you are here because you KNOW you want a pregnancy concierge with birth doula services. Keep exploring this website then and please fill out the contact form below. 

I accept HSA/FSA and bill through Stripe, so anything plastic with numbers will work. Many clients "register" for their doula services on their baby registry. Around 20% of my clients are fully reimbursed each year through their insurance companies. I will provide everything you need to submit to insurance. Here is a quick guide to submitting to insurance for your doula: How to file for insurance coverage for your doula



I am a Certified Novant vendor, but i in no way work for or am affiliated with novant. 

referrals: if you are seeking a low intervention birth we suggest working with the following:

1. Midwives and obgyns at providence OBGYN (they deliver at novant presbyterian main
2. midwives at carmel OBGYN (they deliver at novant matthews)

Cesarean rates for first time birthing persons with a singleton baby in a head down position by hospital:

Novant Main 21.4%
Novant Matthews 21.5%
novant Huntersville 18.1%
atrium main 27%
atrium university 26.3%
atrium pineville 23.9%
lake norman regional 28.2%

data from

now imagine what the stats are if you throw in breech, high risk, and multiples. 
COllin & I only attend births in charlotte, NC with some Novant and Atrium Locations as well as homebirths. 

I believe that Black Lives Matter, Indigenous Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter, pronouns matter, and that the body is deeply political. I acknowledge my privileges as a white, cis-hetero, able bodied woman and remain committed to listening, reflecting and embodying the work of antiracism. I believe your body does not need to change in shape or size to become valuable. I believe that Yoga, breathwork, and movement have the capacity to heal and can be vital to wellness.

fierce ally for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Scheduled Cesareans $1750


Placenta Encapsulation $300/$250

I accept Venmo, Zelle, Cash, and CC/HSA/FSA and bill through Stripe for placenta pills. Doula clients receive a $50 discount. There is an additional $50 fee for multiples. Birth Story Academy and my book are FREEEEEE when I do your placenta! That is a $200 value included! 

+AUTHOR OF BIRTH STORY guidebook + journal A 42-week Discovery into Your Pregnancy
+Host of the Birth Story Podcast: Peak position #16 in Apple Podcasts Parenting
+Host of Birth Story Academy Online Childbirth Prep Courses
+First birth as a Doula: 2005
+Certified Birth Doula, DONA Int'l 2008-Present
+Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist -Best Doula Training

Additional Methods for Birth Doula near me Trainings:
-Spinning Babies Doula
-Hypnobirthing Doula
-Birth Arts International 2018 
-Certified Medical Representative, CMR Institute 
-Certified HypnoBabies Doula 
-Privileges at Novant with credentialing through Green Security
-Lactation Support Trained
-Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Fully Vaccinated including for COVID-19

>Bradley Method
>Birthing From Within 
>Spinning Babies
>Multiple disciplines of Hypnobirthing
>Dr. Sarah Buckley's Gentle Mothering
Queens University BS 2001
Queens University MBA-Marketing 2006

Advanced Courses: A Nurse's Guide to Managing Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Gestational Diabetes: Overview and Management Strategies, Lactation Review: Breastfeeding Basics, Managing Cardiac Conditions During Labor and Delivery, Placental Anomalies, Shoulder Dystocia: An Obstetrical Emergency, The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative: What It Means For You and Your Facility, Dr. Sarah Buckley's Physiological Birthing, The Postpartum Period and the Healthy Newborn

Experience: I have attended hundreds of births in the Charlotte, NC area. I have experience with clients that are married, single, partnered, and in same sex and/or same gendered relationships. I have proven clinical experience with multiples, twins, cesareans (C-sections), VBACS (a specialty with a high success rate), VBA2C, IVF, IUI, gestational diabetes, thyroid disorder, plus sized moms, low-lying placenta, placenta previa, preeclampsia, bicornuate uterus', STI's and STDs, miscarriages, still birth, advanced maternal age, geriatric pregnancies, eating disorders, fertility journeys, PCOS, fibromyalgia, lupus, knee and foot injuries, fused spine, scoliosis, hyperemesis, thrombocytopenia, obesity, incontinence, anxiety, depression, sexual assault, trauma survivors, seizures, cervical scar tissue, postpartum hemorrhage, arrhythmias, pre-term labor, cerclages, pectus excavatum, auto-immune disorders (Celiac girl here!), heart defects, traumatic previous births, genetic anomalies including Down Syndrome, Bertlotti's, VACTRYL, CGD, Factor 5 Leiden, hashimoto, and very healthy moms and babies with no complications alike! There is not much I have not witnessed and supported in the past 20 years. I was a medical device and pharmaceutical consultant for 10 therapeutic areas over 15 years and worked in the OR and consulting with epilepsy and seizure disorders too.

And then, I literally wrote the book on pregnancy..... :) I really want to love on you! 

I'm a medical professional & an experienced Birth doula

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strictly by the numbers

OF births aTTENDED






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50% Reduction in cesarean sections
25% shorter labors
60% reduction in epidurals
30% reduction in pain medication use
40% reduction in forceps delivery
40% reduction in pitocin use
Significant data outcomes support the use of a Doula. The findings consistently show moms and babies are safer, healthier and have better birthing experiences. We make the partner's job much easier! 

Visit my other website BIRTH STORY and after you put in your email address it will unlock an entire library of free guides including "Investing in a Doula!"

when your partner (if applicable) asks, "What is a doula?"

My goal is to take care of you, nurture, love you and help empower you to plan and prepare for the birth that YOU want no matter what that looks like. You are hiring Collin and I to be your pregnancy concierges and to hold your hand through your entire pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum period. I don't set timelines or limits for your birth. I'm here to support you however you define that from the moment you book. If you are partnered, I have a very thorough process for including your main squeeze. Please book an interview to ask about some of our mom-to-be pregnancy concierge and birth doula services.

You are in control  (Yes! Even during COVID)

Let's Have a baby your way

Meet Collin from
Doula Differently by visiting her website. She and I will both be supporting you on this empowering journey. 

Home Birth Midwifery care is offered with Sarah from
Sage Mama Village

That's What She Said.

Directly from my moms

"She was always by my side"

"Heidi's energy&
positivity kept me going."

"With Heidi's help I was able to have the labor and delivery I had hoped for."

"She talked me through every contraction."

“On the first day of December in 2009, I went from becoming a woman to becoming a mother. When I first met Heidi, I knew we would get along and she would be my Doula! My husband played for the Carolina Panthers and I was concerned he would be out of town for the birth of our son. I needed someone by my side that knew my birth/labor wishes. Heidi helped me to come up with a birth plan, with a couple of different options. She was realistic for my dreams of a natural birth in the hospital. When my water broke, it took awhile for things to progress at home and she helped me to do things while laboring on Pitocin that would help me to get through the pain and allow me to have the birth I desired. She was by my side for the 22 plus hours of labor and she also was there to help me with my breastfeeding. My husband was there that day, but Heidi, a woman and friend was right by my side from laboring at home to the hospital. Thank you Heidi for the most amazing birth experience. I enjoyed every moment and I am considering flying Heidi into whatever town I am in when I deliver again!”

Tina & Aston

“Having a successful VBAC with my second child was hugely important to me, and I know without a shadow of a doubt it wouldn’t have happened without Heidi’s physical and emotional support. Heidi’s energy and positivity kept me going through a long and difficult labor with a occiput posterior baby, and her expertise and calm also steadied my husband whenever things got interesting. Seeing my baby be born will forever be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I am so incredibly grateful that we met Heidi, and if we have any more children, I want her by my side!”

Dana & Heath

“Heidi was kind and patient and supportive and was with me from the start of my contractions until Paiden was born. I was able to birth Paiden naturally with no drugs... I highly recommend her to help you through your birth. She really wants to be there and she really wants to see you have a healthy happy baby and birth experience.”

Samantha & Paiden

“Without Heidi by my side, I would have never felt confident about natural childbirth...Heidi helped me believe in my body and told me to listen to my body and trust the childbirth process... I realized I was not alone. Our bodies really are made to do this. After I delivered Isabel, I never felt better. The birth experience with Heidi helping me was so different from my first birth experience (where I did have an epidural). I would never want to have a baby without her. Heidi gave me the confidence to know that this is a natural process and that I could do it. Heidi is so confident in what she does, and her words of what to expect during labor and what to do really helped me.”

Jennifer & Isabel

“Heidi was an absolute necessity for both of my births. Not only did she keep me strong when I thought I couldn't keep going, she also helped my husband stay calm throughout my labor. We couldn't imagine even trying to have a child without her help. And the massages were wonderful, too!”

Laurel & Connor AND Laurel & Isabel

"I felt completely at ease with Heidi. She is laid back, open minded and easy to work with. Had it not been for her, I honestly don't believe I would've had a completely natural birth."

Jennifer & Ruth

“My husband and I decided we wanted to hire a doula because we thought we wanted to have a natural birth and knew we'd need all the help we could get. We met with Heidi and felt comfortable with her immediately. She is a friendly, positive, and warm person who obviously enjoys being a part of the birth experience. One of our biggest concerns was how my husband, Heidi, and my mother and sisters would all work together. I didn't want anyone to feel left out, unneeded, or bossed around. I needn't have been worried at all. Heidi worked beautifully with everyone. She helped everyone feel confident and in control. When my husband needed a break from the action Heidi seamlessly took over for him. She gave him guidance and helped him know how to help me. He has told me that she never made him feel like he was unneeded, and he never felt like he was being told what to do. She was awesome at knowing what I needed, what was working, and how to help me overcome the roadblocks. Even though I had some unexpected things come up during the final weeks of my pregnancy, with Heidi's help I was able to have the labor and delivery I had hoped for. Not only am I glad we used her services, but I will absolutely call her again if we get pregnant a second time (and she did), and I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone who is considering hiring a doula.”

Melissa & 3 daughters

“I could go on and on about Heidi and I tell everyone about her because she was the one who made my birthing experience the greatest moment of my life. She was the glue that held everyone together especially at those challenging moments and provided us with assurance and confidence that everything was going to be fine. She literally talked me through each and every contraction (I had 36 hours of labor) and I honestly have no idea how I would have made it through without her. The comfort measures she provided me with were so key as well - such as the birthing ball, relaxing music, massage, bathing tub, aromatherapy etc. I never had to ask her to do anything, she always seemed completely "in tune" with my needs - believe me, this is so nice especially during labor!"

Angela & Elyse

"Noah came six weeks early and I was scared and confused about what the doctors were telling me. Heidi was by my side the whole time, went over the birth plan with my doctor, asked the questions I would not know to ask and explained the process to me. I don't know what I would have done without her!"

Amy & Noah

“I hired Heidi as my doula during my first pregnancy with my daughter. Being pregnant for the first time, I felt very nervous about the inevitable labor and delivery experience. I knew that I wanted a natural birth, but completely doubted my ability to handle the pain. Meeting with Heidi throughout my pregnancy brought me so much peace and gave me the confidence that I could have a natural, drug-free birth if that is what I wanted. I also always felt assured that Heidi would support any decision I made regarding the type of birth I wanted, even if I changed my mind! She shared so much knowledge about the birthing experience, helped me talk through my fears, develop a birth plan, and practice labor with my husband. I truly think it was because of her that I was able to have a successful drug-free birth. When Heidi arrived during the birth of our baby girl, I felt an instant peace, knowing that someone who cared about me was there to advocate for me and make sure that I had the best birth experience possible. Unfortunately, my mom was not able to attend the birth. Looking back, I think it was even more important to have Heidi there to act as that woman, motherly, caregiver that I needed. Another truly special thing is that Heidi took notes during the entire birth process and wrote a letter to our daughter telling her all about her birth. I cherish that letter! I hope to have more children and would love it if Heidi is a part of all of their birth stories.”

Kelly & Nyla

“Heidi helped me truly believe in myself and gave me the confidence and courage that I was capable of bringing life into this world. Anytime I had doubts or concerns she reminded me of my strength. She helped me in visualizing a flower blooming during contractions...”

"I worked with Heidi again to prepare for repeat C-sections for my last 2 children. I ended up in spontaneous labor before my scheduled C-section with #4. Heidi talked to me all day and help me distinguish that I was truly in labor, she aided my decision to go to the hospital. As I was being prepped for surgery, I heard Heidi's voice and teachings. I felt like she was right next to me and that she helped me get through it."

-Megan & Collin, Cate, Camden, Cora

“Heidi was the doula for the birth of both of our children. During the delivery of our second child, we found out that he was in the occiput posterior (OP) position, meaning that he was head-down, but facing my abdomen. Giving birth to a baby in the OP position put me at a much higher risk of needing a c-section. After several hours of unmedicated labor and over two hours of pushing, our son had made only minimal progress. I was very tired and in desperate need of encouragement to continue pushing. My obstetrician and the nursing staff were not confident in my ability to have a vaginal delivery without assistance. Throughout the delivery, it was Heidi that suggested that I try pushing in different positions, including in a squatting position - this is what eventually helped our son come down. If it weren’t for her knowledge about OP births and her constant encouragement throughout the process, I am confident that my son’s birth would have happened in the operating room. We can not find words to thank her enough for being a part of this special time in our lives. She helped give me the birth experience I had hoped for. I believe that a large part of my success in having natural births is due to the preparation and support that Heidi provided.”

-Kelly & Daschel

“Dear Heidi, Thank you so much for all of your support and advice. You made an otherwise unknown and unbearable situation be approachable. Kirk and I have discussed this several times, but we are so devoid of any words or expressions that truly capture our appreciation of you and everything that you have done for us and our family. We continue to thank God for bringing you into our lives for Gus’ birth. Thank you. We wanted to make thoughtful, informed decisions for all aspects of the childbirth process and were uneasy with our ability to accomplish our goal in light of the conflicting literature as well as the amount and quality of the provided information. Heidi was able to guide us through labor and empowered us to take an active role in the birth of our son. She served as our advocate and worked with the medical professionals so that our voice mattered. We could not have faced the birth experience without Heidi.”

Hannah & Gus

“I knew I wanted a drug-free birthing experience for the birth of my daughter Olivia. My husband and I agreed that a Doula would help the both of us remain calm and confident through the labor and delivery. After reading the testimonials we decided to meet Heidi and immediately felt comfortable with her. We could tell that she was really knowledgeable and friendly. Heidi met with us later in the pregnancy to develop a birth plan and practice laboring positions so that my husband could help once I went into labor. Heidi was in touch with me from the beginning of my early labor and then came to the house to help me relax and sleep a bit. We walked a lot and Heidi applied pain relieving techniques to help me cope with the contractions. Once we were at the hospital Heidi was my rock keeping me focused on my goal of a drug-free birth even when things got overwhelming with pressure from the hospital staff to get an epidural. I felt safe and cared for with Heidi by my side in this sacred experience. I will never forget her strength and kindness and I am truly grateful to have had her helping me and my husband!”

Liz & Olivia

You DESERVE a birth doula.

These are some of the beautiful babies, moms, parents and couples that I have had the pleasure to be by their side for their births! From all natural un-medicated birth to inductions, complications, epidurals, VBAC, C-sections, multiples and much much more. They chose be to be their birth doula in Charlotte, NC. Some of these birthing persons wanted an unmedicated birth and some wanted guidance on pain medications. It is your body and your birth! I'm here to advocate and educate! Everyone needs a doula! My C-section rate is less than 8% over 18 years. All of these moms and birthing persons are amazing and had beautiful births. Every birth story is different and unique. And, every birth story can be awesome. Let me guide you on your birth journey.

pamper yourself

"Heidi was my rock keeping me focused on my goal of a drug free birth."


Hey! I was a Doula for 9 years before becoming a mom myself and my own birth completed the circle for me of divine birthing. I have two boys (unless they tell me otherwise) and each birth was very different...medicated and natural childbirth. I would love to share my birth stories with you. I love being a birth doula in Charlotte NC, chai lattes, flip flops, long hair, doulas, offering doula services, playing and coaching soccer, long runs when it is not too hot or too cold, camping and bonfires, poetry, dancing, smiling, playing with my kids and dogs, positive energy, sushi, recycling, waterfalls, writing in my journal, hot yoga, talking, writing birth stories, podcasting, massaging, throwing pottery, giving every piece of my time and energy that I have to spare away, and loving all people. I am a fierce advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. I am all about you and your baby. I love pregnancy and pregnant persons. Every day I wake up thankful to be a mom and a Doula. I authored my first pregnancy book, journal and birth story book with birth affirmations in 2020 in conjunction with Dr. Thorp of UNC-Chapel Hill. I hope you will read it! I hope your childbirth story may become part of my collection of birth stories.

Charlotte, NC

Hey. I'm Heidi!

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